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Thursday, May 27, 2004


An IT developer / analyst position with empowerment to bring technological related changes that will increase the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of work done in the organization.


  • 4 years combined experience dealing with application development, web applications, technical support, databases and business intelligence.
  • Expertise in design and development of customized business and web applications using Microsoft technologies, including .NET. (3 years)
  • Experienced as a team leader. (9 months)
  • Excellent communication and inter-personal skills.
  • Self-motivated, self-starter and quick learner.
  • Strong team player with the ability to multitask and work under pressure.
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills.


C#, ASP, ASP.NET, SQL, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, XML, IIS, DHTML, and CSS.

Database/data access:
SQL Server 2000, Access, ODBC, OleDb,

Visual Studio.NET, Visio, Cognos Impromptu, Cognos Powerplay, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Crystal Reports .NET.

Operating systems:
Windows 2000 Server, NT, XP, 2000, 98, 95, Linux, and MS DOS.

Object oriented design, networking, OLAP and relational database management systems.


BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE PROGRAMMER ANALYST - Justice Technology Services - 2004 - Current
Use Cognos Impromptu Reports and Powerplay Cubes to produce online reports and analysis. Perform data mining and analyze current databases. Develop custom business applications using C# .NET.


• Developed Cognos Impromptu reports for business clients that simplified their calculation process. What normally took them a day’s worth of work could be done in a few minutes with these reports.
• Designed and developed a Windows service to analyze backup logs from the servers, using C#.NET. This service analyzed the logs and put the important data in a database to be then presented in easily understood reports, which allowed the administrators to monitor the performance of the server backup system.
• Participated in maintaining the Business Intelligence servers running on Windows 2000 Server platforms.
• Assisted in maintenance of some client websites, and also solved problems with certain web applications. These involved working with C#, ASP.NET, ASP, SQL Server 2000, IIS, CSS and HTML.

DEVELOPMENT TEAM LEADER - Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship - 2003
Lead and participate in the team that develops and maintains all in-house web and windows applications. Ensure that projects are completed on time and team goals are met. Accountable to the IT Manager, providing time estimates on all projects. Act as liaison between departments to understand their requirements and communicated them to the team.


• Prioritized goals and projects and completed them on time, which saved TACF money and time.
• Setup a comfortable team environment that enabled each team member to work and communicate more effectively and efficiently.
• Participated in setting up a web hosting solution, which is a source of income for TACF.
• Developed a website with online ordering capability, which promoted the product and provided current information.
• Led the “white hat” security team to find out the vulnerabilities in the TACF network, which allowed TACF to know possible attack points and increase security at these points.
• Participated in a redesign of the TACF internal network, which increased security and effectiveness of the network.

WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPER - Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship - 2002 – 2003
Develop and maintain web and windows applications using C# .NET and SQL Server. Develop ASP web applications and convert older ASP applications to ASP.NET. Maintain documentation for each project developed.


• Developed in-house human resources software, which saved the company from purchasing a commercial version which could have cost thousands of dollars.
• Developed an online donations system that saved time for people who processed the credit card payments.
• Developed a simple content management system for the streaming media website, saving the person in charge time from having to do manual HTML updates every time a conference video needed to be put on the web.

DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR - Pharmacommunications - 2001 – 2002
Maintain an Access database that contains records of more than 30,000 doctors. Create new databases for clients by extracting data and perform statistical calculations using Excel. Troubleshoot problems and maintain the network in the company office.


• Delivered monthly database for clients on time, so the company got paid for this information.
• Kept database up to date with daily changes to doctor information, which ensured accuracy of data presented to clients, which in turn kept their trust in the company’s service.
• Setup a local network and internet connectivity sharing with a high speed connection. All this was done within a strict deadline and through personal research, saving the company from paying external consulting fees.

Canada via TMP Global - 2000
Report to the project manager and ensure that jobs are completed on time. Resolve inter-personal and production problems. Lead a team of five people.


• Performed rollout of approximately 200 computers in Hershey head office and sites.
• Built good relations with managers on site, helping to get the job done quicker since communication lines were good.
• Promoted friendly team environment so everybody could rely on others if they needed help, and maximized everyone’s work efforts.
• Finished jobs on time even with the shortage of one team member, which created trust with management’s perception of the team’s ability to handle projects.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT ANALYST - Contracted at Royal Bank of
Canada - 1999
Install software on client computers and perform NT migration, as well as troubleshooting. Communicate well with clients, since the installations had to be done on their schedule.


• Performed installations quickly and efficiently, which saved customer’s time and increased satisfaction levels.
• Built good relations with clients so the team had a solid image, which in turn helped people trust the team more with their computers.

Canada via System House Ltd - 1998
Perform Y2K diagnostic tests and BIOS upgrades. Conduct inventory counts and documentation on computer systems.


• Finished tests and upgrades on time, and gave the client a peace of mind concerning the year 2000 date.
• Completed inventory and documentation, which gave the project manager full information on computer systems on site.

Canada via System House Ltd - 1998
Perform computer roll outs on office site, replacing the old computers while maintaining user data.


• Rolled out more computers than any other installer, which saved clients work time when their computers were offline.
• Built good relations with clients, ensuring they were happy with the computers.


B.A. Computer Science, York University, Toronto, 2000


English, Indonesian

Email: drochili@hotmail.com
Blog : http://www.darrickrochili.com